7 Reasons Why a Good Resume Counts

What is a resume?

It is important that you can summarize your job history, highlight your skills and underscore your traits which make you eligible for your line of work. A resume is exactly this – it portrays a summary of your capabilities to your potential employers.

good resume

These days, most employers use resumes to extract promising applicants for a job, and on average, they spend no more than a few seconds sifting through each resume. This means that it is vital that your resume makes a good first impression.

With the increase in the number of companies offering professional resume writing services to make your qualifications and skills stand out, the importance of writing a resume on your own is being diminished. It is true that a professional resume writer will help you express your abilities much better, particularly if your prowess pertains to technical skills as opposed to people skills.

However, it is also equally important that you can express your abilities yourself – after all, the resume writer won’t always be around when you’re asked about your qualifications on the fly!

Why is it important to have a good resume on hand?

Whether you go for a professional resume writer or write your own resume, here are some universal reasons why having a good resume is essential these days:

  1. To guarantee the loyalty of your clients: Customers and clients are always looking to switch to a faster,professional resume more attractive response. There is no faster way of losing your opportunities (clients) for business than banking on one’s achievements and assuming that things will handle themselves. A good job today won’t mean anything yesterday if a more visible rival manages to impress your clientele. Making sure that your expertise and achievements are visible and attractive to new and old customers is the key, and this is only possible through a well-updated
  2. To attract new customers or clients:Whether you plan on expansions, making up for clients lost through attrition, or want to ensure a healthy source of income, new customers are a necessity. Tomorrow isn’t clear cut, given the state of the recovering global economy. To be a winner, you must be dynamic, visible and attractive, which can be achieved through a decent resume.
  3. To enhance or keep your status in a field / industry: In lots of industries, having a standing in the professional community is crucial. If you’ve got a recommendation from a rival (or a lack of negative feedback at least), it will give you a bigger boost than glowing praise from a customer or friend. Clearly communicated, impressive qualifications (i.e. a good resume) will ensure that no one casts doubts on your professional capabilities since it would risk dissension.
  4. To get job security: Australia may have weathered the recent global financial crisis, but with the increasing debt, there are worrying predictions that it could be next in line after Canada. Recession means job cuts, and the first people to get fired are those who are deemed unimportant by their employers. A good resume updated with your most recent qualifications, skills and achievements will ensure that you are not tossed into the trash and a great cover letter. Your skills themselves are only part of the story of success – it is how well you convey them that will determine your job security.
  5. To get a raise: Everyone wants to be paid more for their hard work. If you can explicitly indicate your worth to your company, any recent achievements for them, your superior may deem this worth a raise. A resume will come in handy for this justification, and it will also nudge your boss that you must be a sough after asset by competitors.attractive resume
  6. To find a new job: There will be times when you have to accept change – your current employer may keep information hidden that could impact you, or sometimes even they might be hit blind by an agent of change. If you’re caught in the collateral and find yourself without a job, a solid resume will ensure that you are not in freefall – you can immediately start getting back into the game by sending it out to colleagues and potential employers.
  7. To find fresh opportunities: An attractive resume posted strategically online or shared with a well-connected network of professionals / colleagues may lead to opportunities that you hadn’t even considered previously. This is an exciting prospect – a member of your network may find your resume suitable for a job opening which hasn’t even been made public yet! It won’t take long, then, for them to contact you and discuss terms.