When and How is the Best Time to Ask for a Pay Rise?

Almost everyone one of us is frustrated by our pay levels but we hesitate to ask for a pay rise. And in such situations, only you suffer at the end.

Our hesitation is only because of timing. Once we come to know the perfect timing, we will never hesitate to ask for a pay rise.

In this guide, the best time to ask for a pay rise and how to negotiate a pay rise. So sit back and give this read a couple of minutes.

How is the Best Time to Ask for a Pay RiseWhen to ask?

Following are the best times to ask for a pay rise.

When your job description changes:-

If your routine duties are changing and you are doing heavier jobs, then it is the time to ask for a pay rise. Doing so after you have completed the job will do no good to you as the task is completed.

If you are poorly paid:-

If you feel you are paid less as compared to other employers, then it is time to move forward for your rights.

Make an appointment with your boss along with a list of your achievements as well as the average salaries of other employees. This information will be enough to make the right impression and convince your boss.

When you over perform consistently:-

Prepare for performance evaluation

If you are working in the same position for a long time and need performance evaluation, go ahead and ask for a pay rise. Convince your boss with what you achieved so far.

How to ask for a pay rise?

Be prepared:-

The first thing you must do is to collect facts and figures of employees working in competitor’s organisations.

Analyze how much those employees are getting paid as compared to you. Also, take into account the current financial position of your organization.

Prepare a presentation:-

After researching, it is time to prepare a presentation for your pay rise meeting. Analyze your achievements and highlight them in the presentation.

Discuss how your accomplished goals have helped the company. Don’t forget to mention any extra duties you performed in the past,

Consider other benefits:-

After your request, if you realize that your company is not in the position to increase your pay, ask for other benefits like extra holidays, flexible work timings, etc.

Some important points to remember while asking for a pay rise: Pay rise negotiation properly

  • Be straightforward in asking for a pay rise on behalf of your achievements and extra work.
  • Tell your authorities the exact increment you need.
  • Do not threat your boss to quit if you will not get the increment as it is totally unprofessional and unethical.

To ask for a pay rise is the right of every professional but it is important to ask at the right time and in a right way.

How often you should you get a pay rise depends upon your performance and the financial condition of the company.

Pay rise negotiation should take place at the right time and in a proper way, and I hope that after reading this guide you will be able to learn that.