The Right Way to Resign from Your Job

Quitting your job is a process filled with questions of professional courtesy. Whether you should tell it to your boss personally, or you should tell your colleagues. Nonetheless, you should adopt a proper to resign from your job.

In this guide, you will learn a proper way to resign from your job. Sit back and give this a couple of minutes.

Notify your boss:- Resignation

How to quit your job, may depend upon the type of organization you are working in and the position at which you are working. However, it is recommended to plan a personal meeting with your boss and let him/her know.

Don’t feel duty-bound to clarify your reason for leaving:-

It is not necessary for you to explain the reasons for leaving. However, if you have a friendly relationship with your boss, you may only explain to him personally. And tell your boss the improvements the organization should make for its employees.

Avoid emotional explosion:-

It is totally unprofessional to outbursts at your boss while resigning from a job. And it can also haunt you later in your professional career as you may work your boss again. Also, his/her endorsement and feedback may prove vital for your next job.

Keep in touch with your colleagues:-

Resigning from your job does not mean that you cut off from your colleagues. In your resigning e-mail, mention the positive working experience you enjoyed with them.

Right Way to Resign from Your Job

Show gratitude toward the most influential:-

You may have learned from many people in your company, but there will be one or two who would have helped you a lot in getting success. Mention those people in your e-mail and say thanks.

Train your replacement:-

Two weeks’ notice is enough, but companies want you to stay until they get your replacement. It is recommended for you to stay until you train the person who replaced you. This will give the impression that you still want the betterment of the company.

Don’t gossip:-

If you give different reasons to a different group of people and your boss hear one of those stories, be ready to face critics from everyone. You need to be a politician in this situation, tell one story to everyone and stick to it.

Don’t miss exit interview:-

It is very important to have a proper exit interview before you quit. According to experts, you should not give feedback in your exit interview as it is not going to change anything. Instead, you should appreciate your positive relation with your boss and tell them you got a better offer which led you to the resignation.


How to resign from your job, may look a straightforward process but it is not. You should good-bye your company and colleagues with gratitude rather than making a mess of it. If you are not good in writing, contact any professional resume writing agency for writing your resignation letter.
I hope that after reading this guide, you will be able to understand how you can resign from your job gracefully.