How to Write a Resume for a First Job

Those who are applying for a job opening for their first time are faced with a common dilemma: they wish to gain experience, but they have no existing experience to prove their qualification.

Since hiring managers normally use an applicant’s past work history to gauge their future performance on the job, this makes it seem very difficult for first timers with student resumes to stand a chance.

So how to write a resume for a teen out of high school / fresh graduates who don’t have any experience to show?

Here are the following tips how to write a resume for a first job:

resume for the first job

A good first impression goes a long way

When there is no work experience to show, you should begin your resume by clearly stating your objective. This is an excellent way to indicate your focus and understanding of the employer’s requirements.

You can also provide a summary that lists your qualifications, personal strengths and skills which make you suitable for the job. This type of list will emphasize the experience you mention in the body of your resume, and will take the interviewers attention away from the fact that you have no previous job experience.

You can make a summary of your qualifications after you have composed the rest of your resume.

Even without any work experience, prove yourself

first job resumeYou may have had some experience working an odd job, volunteering, engaging in a hobby, etc. Begin by focusing on your learning. So long as it is relevant to your job, your school projects are acceptable when you have no previous work history.

List all of your talents / volunteering ventures which contributed to the development of skills that are needed in a workplace. Each ability or achievement that you mention must be relevant to the job you seek.

For instance, if the employer is looking for someone with strong interpersonal skills, working for fundraisers or playing for you school’s sports team both count as relevant. Each of your phrases should be quantified to imply that you were a valuable contributor to the event / organization.

Make sure you clearly state any awards / promotions you received. When there is no work experience, every relevant bit of experience counts.

Highlight your skills

With no work experience, you can use your resume’s bottom portion to mention any skills that you possess which make you more suited for the job. For instance, hours spend on Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop, etc. can be relevant skills for a multimedia position.

Always be professional

Having no experience doesn’t mean you are immediately unqualified. By maintaining consistency in your style, tense and font, and by proofreading what you write for typographical errors, you will ensure that your resume looks as professional as any. You can use a word processor for formatting and designing your resume’s format, and there are several free templates available online as well. The word processor will also come in handy when you’re checking for spelling or grammatical errors.

To answer the question of how to write a resume for a first job quite simply: you must ensure that everything else in your resume is perfect, so you stand out for your potential employer even with a dearth of work experience.