How to Prepare for that Long-Awaited Interview

Your first interview will always be the most intense one, not only are you nervous, but you don’t have any prior experience either. And when you get into the room with the interviewer, more often than not, all of your preparation will be forgotten in a second.

First Impression in Interview

Then how can you prepare for your interview you ask?

After asking a few interviewers and taking several lectures from executives, I have found out that 70 to 80% of the time, the interviewer has pretty much made up his or her mind before you even step into the room. For more experienced ones, they don’t even have to ask you any questions and will know everything about you to the smallest detail before you even open your month.

That is because everything from your body language to how you dress, handle yourself, and match with your resume will give out huge flashing clues that most interviewers can quite easily pick up.

Here are some first interview tips that might help you out.

First Interview Tips

1. First and foremost, find out what to wear to a job interview. Yes, find out! Each and every organization is different, although until a few years ago no matter what type of job you were applying for, you would have to be in a proper suit to even have the smallest chance of getting the job. But now, things have changed.
You need to find out everything you can about your organization, from its role in the industry to its objectives. Contact them beforehand and ask them about the dress code if you are still not sure.
It is really important that you dress according to the “theme” of the organization. If you dress formally and the interviewer is sitting there with jeans and a t-shirt, then he will feel stupid, and if it’s the other way around, he will think that you are not serious enough about the job to even go through the trouble of borrowing a simple suit.
Make sure that you don’t wear any flashy colors, or any extra jewelry or accessories. You want the focus to be your skills, not your attire.

2. Prepare some jobs interview questions beforehand yourself. Almost always, the interviewer will ask you if you Job Interview Successfulhave any questions at the end of the interview, and you should. These will be different for every company so there is not much I can help you with there, but don’t ask any obvious questions, the answers to which could be found with a single Google search for example.

3. If you don’t have any prior experience, focus on your education. Although you obviously shouldn’t leave anything out but don’t focus on what you don’t have.

4. Keep an eye on your body language. Do not cross your hands or legs; it gives the impressions that you’re in a defensive position. Try to use your hands a little bit, but not too much as it can be quite distracting.

5. Make sure that the job you are applying for is a good fit for your skills. If you are over your head, it will affect your prospects severely even if you get the job somehow.

Hopefully, these job interview tips will give you some assistance and help you get your bearings.