How to Write a Selection Criteria Document

No matter where you apply for a job, whether that is the public or private sector, the chances are pretty high that you will be required to address the selection criteria.

Before we get to how to address it, let’s see what it is first.

When we talk about addressing selection criteria document we mean to describe all those things that are needed or required from an employee to perform their job or role with as much efficiency as possible.

How to Write a Selection Criteria Document

These can be your skills, abilities, even your knowledge, and experience along with your other qualifications.

Through this selection criteria, the job applicants have a chance to prove their worth. Although it might sound similar, it is quite different from your resumes, letters and other such documents.

How to write selection criteria?

1. First and foremost, you have to understand the job you are applying for, and its key selection criteria(KSC).  Understanding the key selection criteriaThere is no real logic behind it, but common sense. If you don’t even understand what the job entails, how will you be able to do it? How do you know you are qualified for such a position? And most importantly, how will you convince others that you are the best person for the job?
For that, you have to understand the position description, which has the following main parts.
Values will tell if you are compatible with the organisation. They tell what are the organisation’s expectations from you as an employee, and how it works. Accountabilities will tell you the daily responsibilities and tasks that will be required of you. You have to demonstrate that you have the necessary skills and capabilities to fulfill these requirements. For example, do you have the ability to work in a team environment?
The KSC specifically outlines all the required qualities and skills needed to perform the job. Then come problem solving, resilience and many other such factors.

2. Then you have to find out everything you can about the employer. Find the objectives and functions of the employer agency and how the job you are applying for will affect the organisation and how it will fit in within that structure. You can do this by annual reports, business plans, or even call the employer agency and ask them questions to properly understand your role in specific. This will impress your potential employers significantly.

3. Now that you have done all the research figure if it is a good fit for your abilities. Ask yourself how well you meet all these requirements and which of your previous experiences or skills can be transferred over and applied here.

Job Skills and AbilitiesYou can make use of a resume writing service here, but they are pretty expensive and will cost you several hundred dollars, or at least the good ones will.

Some general selection criteria examples include oral and written communications skills, the ability to contribute ideas, and properly demonstrate initiative and flexibility.

You have to be careful when responding to these criteria’s, as there are no set guidelines that can help you out, you will have to add or remove a few things according to your qualifications.